Thanks for stopping by Cozy Cove Studio!

I am Karen Howard, the jewelry artist for Cozy Cove Studio. As well as the webmaster, photographer, customer service manager ... you get the idea.  You can watch the 2:00 video below to learn more about me and my jewelry or just read on!

One of the questions folks ask is how did I decide on the name Cozy Cove Studio.  Well, my husband, three cats, and I live on a sheltered area of a lake the we have named Cozy Cove.  You won't find it on any map because that is our private name for it.  When the wind blows out of the south or west, our part of the lake stays calm. 

My studio is not open to the public as this is a home studio.  If you want to see my jewelry "live and in person" you will need to attend one of the Florida art shows I do during the fall and winter season.  I'll post these on my blog once I know my schedule.

 I started making jewelry many years ago but really got into metalsmithing about 10 years ago.  I am self taught with the help of many books, videos and youtubers.  I've been using a lot of sea glass over the years but it become more scarce so I'm also working to create my own "gems" with enameling and fused glass.  You will find a variety of styles here because I love to experiment.  

Enjoy browsing!